About Us


Centre is open: Monday – Saturday from 8:00 – 6:00

Program hours: Normally run from 9:00 – 3:00.


Tabularasa Communities is dedicated to reducing the isolation of people with developmental disabilities by increasing their training and visibility in the community through social involvement and education.


Tabularasa Communities aspires for a diverse and inclusive community where all people maximize their potential.

Our Values

We nurture a sense of family and community.

Diversity and Inclusion
We serve all people equally as we recognize that disability affects everyone.

We use best practices and existing information to advocate for our students and their families.

We work together with families, agencies, schools, and community organisations enhancing our abilities to better serve our students.

Tabularasa Communities presents a 2800 sq. ft. program centre to accommodate many desired activities while nurturing a friendly and family environment: The centre has many great futures The centre offers activity group sessions, whether it is special activity, the students crafting or planning for meals, or brainstorming ideas. It is an opportunity around which the participants learn viable social interactive skills.

Tabularasa Communities is also positioned to support Special Education Tutoring for students transitioning from high school to College or preparing to enter the job market. Our special education program for continuing education will prepare students with the competencies they require to succeed throughout the collegial experience.

Our Special Education Program is student driven and it supports the student right through the college and work experience. We are also in constant contact with employers ready and equipped to hire, support and retain our students. Our goal is to nurture a sustainable future for all.

Meet Our Team

Tabularasa Communities is founded by a community social service worker and a special education teacher with the focus of filling existing gaps in our special needs community. With our diverse experience and extensive background knowledge, from education, frontline agencies, and community knowledge, we bring more than 20 years of passion to our work. We are committed and experienced professionals who enjoy nurturing the strengths and confidence of students with developmental disabilities.

Passport Funding & Rates

Individuals are able to access Tabularasa Communities services by using their Passport Funding (Ministry of Community and Social Services) or by other personal finances. 

Please contact Carolee LeBlanc, Program Director, for information regarding rates.