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Tabularasa Communities is dedicated to reducing the isolation of people with developmental disabilities by increasing their training and visibility in the community through involvement and education.


Tabularasa Communities aspires for a diverse and inclusive community where all people maximize their potential.

Our Values

We nurture a sense of family and community.

Diversity and Inclusion
We serve all people equally as we recognize that disability affects everyone.

We use best practices and existing information to advocate for our students and their families.

We work together with families, agencies, schools, and community organisations enhancing our abilities to better serve our students.

Tabularasa Communities presents a 2800 sq. ft. program centre to accommodate many desired activities while nurturing a friendly and family environment: The centre has many great futures The centre offers activity group sessions, whether it is special activity, the students crafting or planning for meals, or brainstorming ideas. It is an opportunity around which the participants learn viable social interactive skills.

Tabularasa Communities is also positioned to support Special Education Tutoring for students transitioning from high school to College or preparing to enter the job market. Our special education program for continuing education will prepare students with the competencies they require to succeed throughout the collegial experience.

Our Special Education Program is student driven and it supports the student right through the college and work experience. We are also in constant contact with employers ready and equipped to hire, support and retain our students. Our goal is to nurture a sustainable future for all.

Meet Our Team

Tabularasa Communities is founded by a community social service worker and a special education teacher with the focus of filling existing gaps in our special needs community. With our diverse experience and extensive background knowledge, from education, frontline agencies, and community knowledge, we bring more than 20 years of passion to our work. We are committed and experienced professionals who enjoy nurturing the strengths and confidence of students with developmental disabilities.


Carolee LeBlanc – Director of Programming

As the Director of Programming and co-founder of Tabularasa Communities, Carolee is both diligent in her teaching practice and committed to the profession. She joined the team after 20 years of teaching in the Public and Catholic school boards of Eastern Ontario and in the private sector in Ottawa. Carolee specializes in teaching students with special needs. Carolee’s two main areas of teaching are academics and life skills, specializing in special education’s best practices. Carolee also builds community relations for her students with special needs to create visibility and inclusion.

Carolee spent 4 years working with technology that supports students with developmental learning disabilities in the public-school system. A list of over 40 technology programs are in her repertoire of tools to assist students on their learning path. “Technology removes barriers to learning,” she says.

Prior to joining Tabularasa Communities, Carolee was the first certified teacher to teach developmentally delayed and disabled adults in Ottawa’s private sector from 2015 – 2019. She worked with students with double diagnosis special needs from diverse cultures such as Inuit, First Nations, and Arabic communities. She was known as the teacher who brought “fun” to the learning environment. Teaching academics with real world examples and practice, life skills to develop independence, behavior strategies to manage stress, and employability skills to get and keep a job, Carolee has developed a complete curriculum that is effective, individualized, culturally supportive and successful for her students.

Carolee LeBlanc was born and has lived most of her life in the Cornwall community. She has always been a lifelong learner. After the birth of her first child, Carolee returned to education and obtained a diploma from St. Lawrence College, Kingston in Correctional Worker for young offenders. Continuing her education, she completed her diploma in Nursing, also from St. Lawrence College but back in her home city of Cornwall. After the birth of her third child and working as a full time stay at home mom, she worked towards her undergraduate degree in General Arts and Science from the University of Ottawa, which led her to obtaining her Master of Science in Teaching from State University of New York at Potsdam. Carolee uses her love for learning and personal development to support, encourage, and guide others to reach their full potential, even when her students are unclear of what their potential is.

Phone: 613-363-3258   –   Email: carolee@tabularasacommunities.ca

Salieu Jallow – Director of Development and Community Affairs

Salieu is a community social service worker with more than 20 years of frontline and management work experience in various fields of the special needs community. He has a Master of Science degree in Management with a concentration in Development Management from SIT Graduate Institute in Brattleboro, VT, USA. He also has a bachelor’s degree in Community, Public Affairs and Policy Studies from Concordia University in Montreal. To foster a comprehensive understanding of the Community’s vulnerable sector, he enrolled in the Social Service worker program at Algonquin college where he identified the chronic gaps that exists in the special needs community. This is what motivated his interest to co-found Tabularasa Communities. A community that support and empower people with developmental challenges, so they succeed in their chosen fields of interest in the communities. Salieu brings a wealth of community resources and experience coupled with his academic background, he strives to make a big difference in the lives of the students at Tabularasa Communities.

Phone: 613-890-3472   –   Email: Salieu@tabularasacommunities.ca