Academic Programming:

Internet Based Academic Programming

Our teacher guided IXL program adapts with students as they grow, offering challenges at just the right level to help them master new concepts using real world math examples. Teacher supported language programming through Learning A-Z resources delivers effective, differentiated instruction so every student benefits. IXL and Learning A-Z skills are aligned to the Ontario Curriculum, providing comprehensive coverage of Math and English Language Arts concepts and applications.

SMART Board Technology

This experience is centred on the participant’s ability to feel the effects of their personal interaction with the smart board. They will experience the real-life interactive responds of their commands. It is interactive, empowering, and self-actualizing.

Special Education Tutoring

This program engages students through strength based approaches. Students are led through a hybrid of Pedagogy and Andragogy learning principles while focusing on possibilities. Their personal experience and stories are an essential parts of the learning experience.

 We provide individual programming generated by our interest inventory and assessment process. Our programs are tailor-made to suit our student’s area of interest and type of work desired. Using online programs to enhance learning of literacy and numeracy concepts that are relevant to real world scenarios, students experience life skills that matter!

We use real world examples and practice in academics, starting where your learning ended.

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